2016.10.5 NEWアルバム








Girl band boasted popularity in Kansai, YOU of ASTRO ☆ BABYS guitar vocal,

Talented rockabilly band of popularity, EMI of Wood bassist of Soul Of Liberty in the center of Nagoya, the Tokai region,

Was based artist Shinjuku, rockabilly band that represents Tokyo, MARI hot dog buddy buddy drum

You hit it off in the wake of September 2012, each band of MARI storehouse of the drum from co-starred in the outdoor festivals in Nagano
Pink Moon baby's birth becomes a band formed!

The birth of rock 'n' roll & Girls rockabilly band combine the freshness and the carrier has become a hot topic in Japan.

Released their first album in May 2014 activities force does not feel the band of the long distance between, in solidarity!

Sales of CD in the best condition and strength simplicity of the three-piece unique! Future of many girls band also enjoy live Offer!